Peter Pan - Wimbledon

Beauty & The Beast Set


Nottingham Playhouse

- Dick Whittington

Cinderella, Opera House


Cinderella, Rotherham

Aladdin, Derby

Montgomery Theatre Sheffield

Peter Pan - Wolverhampton

Snow White, Canterbury

Outside the Beautiful Theatre 

Royal in Newcastle.

The Aladdin set at the Lyceum

Theatre, Sheffield

St Albans - Peter Pan

Dartford - Dick Whittington

Croydon - Cinderella

Having an "A1" time

with Ben Adams !

Anthony Dean

Daniel Dawson (Me)

Chris Nelson

Andy Collins

Who DID know where we were 

sat, and did soak us!!!

Wellingborough - Snow White

Jonny Wilkes

Daniel Dawson

Anthony Dean

Christian Patterson

after Stoke's Peter Pan

Not strictly a panto photo, but

spending time with friends in

Newcastle, before heading off 

to see Dick Whittington.

Daniel Dawson

Hilary Gibson

Graeme Gibson

Anthony Dean

The Brilliant Bromley Team

My mate Mark James as Wishee

and Scott Maslen as a brilliant

Abanazer !

Some of the photos from this years Panto Tour

After Aladdin in Nottingham

Ben Nickless

Simon Webb

Daniel Dawson

and Panto Royalty!! BIGGINS !!

The Sensational staging of 

Dick Whittington in York!

A Rose between Two Thorns !!

Michelle McTernan with Ant & I

watching her talented Husband

thrill the audience!!

(Christian Patterson)

Another Terrible Selfie - 

blame Ant !

with Anthony Dean

Eric Potts

Half of Joe Purdy!

Aladdin MK.

(Mr Holden tried to use this

photo to work out where I was

sat, hunt me out and squirt me!)

Cinderella, Southend.

With David Robbins and 

Martin Ramsdin

Jack and the Beanstalk


With Phil Holden & Wayne Sleep

after Aladdin Milton Keynes

Cinderella - Windsor

Last Years Best Female Winner

Holly Brewer fresh from

Southampton, with 

Aimie Atkinson 

Sleeping Beauty - Woking

Cinderella Richmond

Out after with the Sheffield Team

Chris Gascoyne

Ieuan Rhys

Hilary O'Neil

Damian Williams

Daniel Dawson (Me)

Anthony Dean

The Set of Dick Whittington - 

Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Panto Royalty !

Mr Eric Potts after Liverpool

Peter Pan - Wimbledon

For the FINAL performance

How Many Talented Actors can you

get in one photo ?

Marc Pickering

Holly Brewer

Aimie Atkinson

Ben Adams

Phil Holden (front)

So that makes 5 and Me! 

Kenneth Alan Taylor at interval at

Nottingham Playhouse final performance

Danny Potts

Mark Whitney

Amy Bruce 

Danny Adams

Joe Purdy

Daniel Dawson (ME)

Anthony Dean (Santa)

Mick Potts (front)

Enjoying a drink after the show!

Peter Pan. Stoke

Maybe an award for the Worst

Selfie of the Season so far ...

but great to catch up with 

Kev Orkian !

The Sensational Set for 

Dick Whittington, Newcastle.

Aladdin - Birmingham

My Favourite Photo of the Season

even though I wasn't even there.

Thanks to FFE, this is my Mum

meeting Torvill and Dean who she


Dick Whittington - Aylesbury

Aladdin - Nottingham

Catching up with Phil Holden

Wimbledon Peter Pan

Marcus Brigstocke

Jarred Christmas

Verne Troyer

With the fantastic cast of Dick Whittington - Shrewsbury

Starring Brad Fitt (Dame)

Some Photos from Birmingham 

Arena's Cinderella Awards Dinner !!

Anthony Dean

Joe Purdy

Richard Aucott

Sam Rabone

Me !

Cinderella, Darlington Civic Theatre

All ready for the show !

Joe Purdy

Daniel Dawson

Anthony Dean