I often get asked the same questions about my love of panto, so here is where I will share some of those answers.

If you have a panto related question for me, then please ask away. You can contact me on Twitter.

How did you get into Pantomimes?

I collect autographs, and panto's were one of the easiest places to see celebrities and get autographs after the show. I also like that for 2 hours, you can forget what problems you may have in the outside world, and just sit back and be entertained.

Best Ever Pantomime ?

There are a few that always stick in the memory for being great.

The Cinderella with Brian Conley, Nigel Ellacott and the late Peter Robbins was always a wonderful show.

Billy Pearce & Bobby Bennett in Dick Whittington in around 2004 I think at the Bradford Alhambra was another gem.

My top three however are ...

3rd. Dick Whittington - Birmingham Hippodrome with Joan Collins, Julian Clary, The Late & Great Keith Harris and Nigel Havers.

2nd. Cinderella - Regent Theatre Stoke with Jonathan Wilkes, Christian Patterson, Kai Owen and Jamie Tyler.

But my all time favourite pantomime, was the first time I saw the genius' that are Danny Adams, Clive Webb, Chris Hayward and Steve Arnott, in Sleeping Beauty at Theatre Royal, Newcastle.

That show had absolutely everything! Some of the funniest scenes I had ever seen, amazing costumes, fantastic musical numbers, and flying cars. It was breath-taking from the first second. Then just when I thought this was the greatest show in History, there was still time for the 12 Days of Christmas, complete with "destroying" the new £18,000 curtains. I saw that show FOUR times in all, and could happily sit through it again and again and again.

Funniest Ever Scene ?

There have been a few, and having seen the 12 Days of Christmas I mentioned above, I doubted whether I would ever seen anything funnier than that again ... but I did.

Last Year, the Newcastle Dream Team were at it again ! This time with the Twelve Geordie Days of Christmas. I am crying with laughter now, just thinking about it. It was without doubt the funniest thing I have ever seen. I will never forget the Four Cheryl Cole's.

IF you could only see 5 shows a season, which 5 would you see?

1. Newcastle - always brilliant. Couldn't imagine a panto season now without Danny, Clive, Mick, Steve and Chris! I certainly wouldn't want to!

2. Stoke - As long as the Wilkes & Patterson dream team are there you are guaranteed side splitting laughter. I have often said Christian Patterson should come with a health warning, as he will have you laughing until your sides split!

3. Bradford - Billy Pearce is a comic hero of mine, I have been a big fan for the last 20 years. His energy is infectious, and whilst there are a few young pretenders to his throne, he will always be my "King of Panto".

4. Sheffield - Since Evolution arrived and bought Damian Williams with them, things have never been the same. Damian is a comedy natural. He has the entire audience eating out of the palms of his hand. He always finds new ways to keep everyone entertained, and I am so glad he now resides in Sheffield during panto season, as he is another one, I couldn't miss anymore.

5. Birmingham - Always Big Budgets, Always fantastic scenery and special effects, and always jam packed full of stars. Birmingham is my usual start to New Years Eve !

How do you choose which shows to see?

As for the most part I pay for the tickets, I choose shows I think I stand a good chance of liking, based on who is appearing.

As I watch more and more shows each year, the list of "Must See's" gets longer and longer.

I also try to add new venues into my tour every year, This year I have visited 9 new venues, my most ever. If the previous years show has been bad, I will usually relegate it from the tour! Not going to lie, unless there are personalities I really want to see in certain theatres next year, I won't be going back.

As I have been fortunate to make some new friends along the way, I always do my best to get to see their shows, as I really enjoy catching up afterwards.

If a show / theatre / actor / actress has won one of my awards the previous year, I will also try to give them the opportunity to retain their title.

Favourite Theatre?

Only been there twice but love the Waterside in Aylesbury. It's a very new building, very modern, with comfy seats, plenty of legroom, and fairly easy parking.

Also enjoyed my first visit to the Hawth in Crawley.

The Theatre Royal Newcastle since its refurbishment is also a beautiful theatre, although some rows don't have the greatest leg room!

Do I just like Pantomime's or do I go to other Live Theatre Events?

No, I enjoy all live shows, be they at the Theatre, Concerts, or Comedians. I try to see as much live entertainment as possible.

Recently, I was lucky enough to see Cats at the London Palladium.

Over the next few months, I am lucky enough to be seeing some great Live shows. As well as catching some of my favourite Panto acts Live.

Do I go to see Live Music? Who are my favourites?

I love to go to see live Concerts, be they at Arena's or smaller venues. I have a very wide taste in music, and have been to see many different shows. From Bieber (In Vegas - that's my excuse) to Meat Loaf.

I am not the stereotypical fan for my favourite groups, and take a fair amount of stick for it, but the reality is I don't care, as really enjoy their music.

My two favourite groups are NKOTB and the Backstreet Boys. I have been lucky enough (or should that be, have a credit card with a large enough limit) to meet the guys on a few occasions, and really enjoyed the fleeting handshakes and hello's.

The most recent gig I went to was actually at the Dominion Theatre in London to see the first screening of the Backstreet Boys new movie "Show Them What Your Made Of", and then I got to see them perform a fantastic acoustic set afterwards, which was broadcast via satellite to a number of cinemas across Europe.

Any more Questions, please feel free to ask !!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo's - they were taken in the foyer of Birmingham Hippodrome where they have a wonderful display of all the panto's they have put on over the years, and by taking photos of old programmes / flyers! Just thought the photo's added a bit of life to the page!